It must be getting hot

It must be that time of year again. I seems that every year around August I start to fade. I have been calling it my August burn out. This year it showed up a little early. It all starts with a few bad outings, being tired and just not having fun. Then I loose motivation to go ride. A few rides skipped and then I loose some fitness and continue down hill.

I know all I need to do is make it a few more rides to get over the hump. It is easier then it sounds. I need to catch up on some sleep. I know I have been eating more and drinking a lot more beer. My weight that has been dropping all year has gone two weeks with a small incline each week. I did hold the same weight the third week, but that is not the trend I need to be going.

I was told to go ride last night or I probably would not have gone. I think it is a good thing too. I actually didn’t feel too bad. It helps that they started the ride fairly slow. I picked the pace up after we were out a bit. I wanted to see if my legs really were feeling good and they did good. Not as strong as I want them to be, but better then they had been.

I am doing the big Strassenfest ride this weekend and planning on doing the HMBA century next weekend. Both of those rides should be a good time and help break out of this funk. I guess time will tell.

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One Response to It must be getting hot

  1. Shamrock Cycles says:

    See you on Saturday.


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