Getting close now

Last weekend I made it out for a good ride. When I started my legs were not feeling very good and I thought I was going to have to call it a day early. There were only two of us, so the drafting was minimal. When we made our first stop to decide the route I noticed that we were averaging just a little over 18 mph. I was very happy with that since I felt like I was barley moving. We decided to head back toward home to ride less traveled roads.

Over all it really ended up as a good ride. We put in right at 60 miles and also hit a few hills too. Much better then what I was expecting with my legs feeling bad.

Well this weekend is the big weekend. I am about as ready as I can expect. I could have planned a little better and been ready to really tear it up, but I am happy with my condition. I am not sure how fast we will end up going, but I am fairly confident that I will finish.
I just hope my legs are good. I am busy all week and with the chance of rain, it looks like my chances for miles this week are between slim and none. I guess some rest might be good too.

After this weekend it will not let up either. I have the Strassenfest ride that is a hilly 62 mile route, but that should be easier then previous years. Then I plan on doing the HMBA Century that apparently has a lot of climbing too. All this climbing should lead up to my next section of training. I really need to start hitting the hills to prepare for my revenge on the Tour de London.
After all that is settled, I plan on doing the Brown County Breakdown 100 mile mtb ride. I guess I will have to hit the woods sometime before then.

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One Response to Getting close now

  1. Shamrock Cycles says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at the HMBA Century!


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