Double up!

I doubled up this weekend for rides. At first I thought I was going to get a nice and long ride in on Saturday, but realized that I needed to be someplace earlier then I thought. So, my ride Saturday was cut short and I only put in 60 miles. Only 60 miles? It is crazy to hear me say that! Last year that would have been one of the longer rides.

I actually didn’t feel too bad after Saturdays ride and decided to join another rider on their Sunday ride. The way it sounded the selected route was very hilly. I talked them in to doing something easier so I would join them. My legs were dead for most of the ride, but I was still moving fairly good. We ended up with just under 50 miles. So, I guess there is nothing wrong with 110 miles in for a weekend. My legs sure did hurt after that ride and the next day. That is the most that they have hurt for a while. I supposed it is a good thing and I hope that means they are getting stronger.
I guess I will have to see on the Wed. night ride. Speaking of a lot of miles, it is hard to believe that after tonights ride I will have over 900 miles in for he year. That is one good year for me and it is not even July!!

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