Time is ticking away

I have officially signed up for the Rain Ride. Now I can not come up with numerous silly reasons to back out. Our sag driver just said that they will not be able to drive this year, so I guess a sag support is still needed. I am trying to work some stuff out for that.

This last weekend I stepped back my riding some. I have had some knee pain on and off for the last month or so. I am sure that my riding is part of the problem and lack of sleep is probably the other part. The problem is with the Rain right around the corner I can’t back off too much.

I finally got the wife out on her bike last night. We went out on a 20 mile loop. I think she had a good time and was not too sore this morning. I hope to get her out a lot more this year. She would be a very good rider if she got back in to it. At one time she raced for the Proflex regional mountain bike team in the expert class. Maybe we both were not exactly top of the class expert racers, but we held our own compared to the number of fast riders at that time. I don’t think I will ever get to that point, but that really does not matter to me anymore. I just hope to get to a cat 5 or even 4 level some day.

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