My first century

Sunday morning we headed out early for a long ride. We were planning on heading out at 6 for a 100 miler. One ride had an issue on time. So, after some debate our plans were changed to accommodate everyone. The train left at 5:00 in the dark. We took some back roads toward our desired direction. By the time we needed to hit the main roads, it was getting light enough for the cars to see us better. There were a few bikes with headlights on and everyone had tail lights just to be safe. The route was changed with the plan to get us back near home for the one rider to break off when he needed.

The ride started out a little slower then I thought it would, but I knew it would be a big day so I was not that worried. Two of the riders were starting to fall off the back. After we re-grouped it was decided for the front group to go out on their own. After this, our pace picked up some. We were making real good time and then one rider had a flat tire. It took us a little bit to get it changed because we were really needing a short break. I had to make adjustments to my seat. Side note: I forgot to mention that the day before this ride I put a new seat on my bike, new pedals and cleats on new shoes!! Not the smartest thing to do before a long ride.

After we fixed the flat, we were back on the road and moving good again. We made a short rest stop at the designated spot. Time was being estimated and it was decided to call for a ride to meet down the road. So off we went trying to hit the check point before the driver made it there. We made it there in plenty of time, so as we waited the riders who were continuing filled up bottles and were getting ready to head out. The 2 riders we left early in the day came rolling in. So the group was back to 4 riders to head toward home.

Close to home I started looking at my mileage and we decided that we needed a little more to make the 100. One rider bailed off with a good day in the seat. I can tell you I was really starting to hurt by then. Legs were getting weak and my body was just tired of pedaling. Those last 10 miles were horrible. Good thing we headed out for flatter road because I would have really struggled if there would have been too much elevation gain.

When I got home and out of the shower I was tired, but the feeling of accomplishment was worth more then the pain. As I laid there for 10 min. I rememberd that I needed to finish packing because I was driving 6 hours to Chicago for work in less then 1 hour!! Silly me!

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