After work stress relief

Well I actually made it out during the week again. I need to keep that up if I want my legs to keep improving. We went out in to wind and a cloud filled sky. We only had a few drops fall on us so it was all good. I actually could have used a little rain to help wash off all those nasty worms that are stuck all over my bike from Sunday’s ride.

We ended up going out for right at 40 miles. The average was a little slow for how hard it felt like we went. We did do a few hard efforts that really took a toll on my legs, so that might have something to do with my lower average. It really does not matter, it was just good to get out.

I just hope to recover some before Sunday’s 100 miler. That should be an interesting ride. I am thinking about riding to the starting point in stead of driving. I hate driving to a ride, but it depends a little on how light it is. I do not like riding in the dark during the morning hours on a road just up from my house. If I can make it past there it is all good. The only problem with riding to the start point is that it will make the ride more like 110 miles and end climbing back toward home. I guess we will have to see.

To make matters even more interesting, after our ride I have to head home, clean up and then load up to drive 5-6 hours to Chicago for work. That should be a fun drive!! Good thing is the food and stuff will be on the company.

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