The wheel turns around and around

Another weekend of riding down that road. Well, this weekend was a road less traveled this year. The group of guys that I have been riding with tend to do some different routes then I would pick by myself. There is nothing wrong with them, just different. This weekend we did a version of a route that I would normally do. I thought it would have been a lot more hills then it was. Don’t get be wrong, it was not an easy ride, but the elevation gain was not what I thought it would have been. We only ended up with 1,815 ft for 58 miles. It was more then several of the routes that we normally take, but we have also taken routes that end up with much more gain. Two weeks ago with did a 60 mile ride or so and was over 2,200 ft gain.

Overall it was still a good ride. My legs did not feel as good the last two weeks as they have several weeks before. I still managed to ride good enough for the group. Some of the hills didn’t seem to hurt as bad as previous times on the same roads. I guess that is showing my that I am actually getting somewhere this year. I know I am down 8 lbs and a pants size smaller, but I am still not where I want to be.

Work has been crazy and I am been busy with other stuff too lately, so I am sure that has effected my recovery. I just hope to continue to improve and be able to ride the Rain Ride strong. That will keep my confidence up for the rest of the year. I still have a few things on my mind that I want to work in. The hundie for the Brown County Breakdown and I want to redeem myself at the Tour de London. If that all works out and I can hold some strength through the winter, I want to try the 3 State/3 Mountain race. I hear that is one heck of a nice ride. That is all yet to be seen. The only thing I know for sure, well as sure as I can be is the Rain Ride. My personal goal is under 9 hours, but not sure if the rest of the group is up for that. 18 mph average should be a possibility by then.

Well, this weekend we are supposed to get in that century. We will have to see if that happens. We are leaving early and I hope to get done as early as we can because I have to drive to Chicago that afternoon for work. That should be a fun drive!! NOT.

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