Still riding that train

For being a so called mountain biker, I sure don’t ride in the woods much. I have done almost nothing but road riding this year. Oh well, it has been fun and I have sure put in more miles that I would have waiting on the dirt to dry.

This weekend I thought we were going for a 70 miler, but when I got there the route that was picked didn’t sound like it would be that long. The good thing is, it would have a few more hills to make up for the distance. It was a great day, but the wind could have been a little nicer to us. The hills sure added up by the end of the ride, but my legs were needing that to keep on the improving path. I am not sure what the group ended up with in miles, but ended up with a metric century and over 2200 ft of elevation gain. Not too bad.

This weekend we are supposed to go out for a 100 miler, but we will see about that. I hear talk about a 90 from some of the group. What does 10 miles really do to help? I figure if we are going 90, I am going the extra 10 with or with out the group. I have never done a full century. I have been close, but not complete. It sounds like I will not have a problem with that this year. The group has a 120 mile route that take when it gets closer to the Rain ride. Then again that it self is 160 miles. Sounds like a good year for miles!

The plan is to follow that ride up with a off road hundie. I have been wanting to do the BCBD since it started and this year I will be in my best shape so far. I will have to see what the schedule has on it as we get closer to the date.

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