Just another day

Well, I guess it has been a little while since I put something on here. I have been very busy and the days seem to run together. I have had a few good rides since the last post. Tuesday I put in a hard 45 mile ride after work. I felt very good about how I rode. I have been wondering how well I would ride in the woods. I can’t believe how little I have been off road this year. When I really was thinking about it, the weather was not cooperating. Now that there were some days that I could have rode, I didn’t even think about it. Oh well, I really need some road time since I plan on doing the Rain Ride this year. 162 miles is a long time in the seat. That should get me ready for anything that I can make it to this year.

Well, I had big plans about some races early this year. As the time rolls on it seems that time and money keep talking me out of doing it. I am sure if I would just do a few races I would be hooked. I know I was looking forward to the next race after the Tour de London last year and I don’t think I could have road any worse with out wrecking or something like that. I guess we will see if I can actually make it to a race this year.

Big ride planned for Sunday. I think they are looking at 70 miles or so. I sure hope the weather is good.

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