TIme sure fun when your having flies…..

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted something. Not sure anyone actually noticed anyway. I have been pulled way to tight the last few weeks. Baseball practice as started, spring soccer and then work has gotten crazy, and bowling was not finished for the season yet. The times that I could actually ride usually were the days that it rained.

I did get out last Wed. night for a night road ride with a group of 8. It was a blast, so much fun that I decided to go back out last night. The normal pace for the night ride is a conversation pace that tends to move good at times. Well, last night there were only 4 that showed up and the pace increased a lot over last week. Some of that was my fault. The bugs were bad and I think I was the only one wearing glasses, so I had the lead for the first section of the ride. I tried to keep a decent pace, but it was a little faster then last weeks. Oh well, I needed a good work out.

I am jumping in to the fire this weekend and heading out with an old group that I used to ride with. The plan is 60-70 miles. The longest ride I have in this year is a 35 mile ride or so. Needless to say it should be so called “fun”.

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