Back in the saddle again!

After looking out the window all day, I could not take it anymore. With the new time change I was rewarded with an extra hour to be out. So, I baited my hook and casted it out to see if I had any takers that would nibble. Sure enough, one little fishy took a nibble and he was hooked, no backing out now.

So, with some what of a plan figured out, I headed home and started throwing all my stuff in a pile to throw on and head out the door. I was not sure what to wear. I was very hot at work and the temp in the car said 66 degrees. I was thinking about shorts and a long sleeve shirt, but the fish was very cold and talking about a lot more clothes then that. So he talked me in to putting a little more on my rear, but I didn’t get carried away.

Long tights and a long sleeve jersey and down the road I went. Forrest was headed toward my house, so as soon as I got ready I took off to meet him half way. What a great ride it was. I was plenty warm at the start of the ride and had some second thoughts about those shorts I wanted to put on, but it was too late. We took off thinking it would be a nice and slow ride since we have not been on the road much. I guess someone forgot to tell my legs, because a little way down the road I looked down and saw I was pulling at 23 mph. It sure did not feel like it to me, so I kept pedaling. There was some good head wind here and there, but overall it was not too bad.

Toward the end of our journey, we hit a few hills that were bigger then the previous road sections. Add that to the increased head wind for that direction and we were really starting to hurt. The temps were dropping as the sun lowered and I was thankful I did not have those shorts on. We kept on the gas as much as we could, but it was more of a struggle.

We ended up with 32.5 miles and averaged 17.5 mph. Not too bad for my second road ride of the year. I sure am ready for spring to show up so I can get out a few more times.

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