Had an argument with my girl

After seeing the snow coming down yesterday, I could not take it any more. So, I went home at lunch and plugged my batteries in and made sure the 1×1 was in working condition. I felt it was only right to choose the 1×1 seeing how I have not used it much lately and with the weather conditions deemed the best bike for the job.

So, after work I busted it to get all of my stuff together and head out to the trail. I wanted to get there as soon as I could to do as much of the ride in the daylight that I could. Right away I ran in to my first problem, downed trees. I could not believe how many trees I had to climb over for the little bit I rode. The trail was in good condition considering and I stopped to take a picture, but my camera decided to not work. Oh well.

Enough with the small stuff, right on to the start of the argument. As I was making my way up Foxey I started to get a little irritated, but I didn’t say anything yet. By the time I made it to the Fire tower connector I was really starting to get upset. Thats when I could not take it anymore and started to complain. I asked why she is being so mean to me? I was ignored as she turned her nose up and looked the other way. The real fight started closer to the end of the Fire Tower trail after a few comments back and forth. I finally hit my breaking point and started calling her names and threatening to never use her again. I figured she should start to comply or at least ease up on me, but just the opposite happened. She was even meaner to me.

As I hit the road section, I put my foot down and said I was just taking the road back and hanging her up. She did was not happy with that at all!! So, as I cruise down the road, I keep hearing something about taking the trail on the left and then the one on the right. I heard something about it not being her fault, it was mine for leaving her sit for so long. After I passed the first 2 trails up, I think I even heard her call me names like wuss and stuff. I continued on down the road and things seemed to be better, I guess it was just the riding on flatter ground that did the job. Well, low and behold she talked me in to taking a left at my last option for trails before the car. So, I drop in and have to turn on my light. What a joy! I was treated to some of the best snow covers sections of trail and night riding in the snow made it even better.

As I am cruising down the trail I start hearing whispers to take the next left and extend the trail sections. I guess I was having so much fun that I forgot all about the names I called her and next thing I knew I was taking a left. I was immediately met with tougher trail conditions and colder air. I continued on because it was not that bad. Well, I remembered all of the names when I hit the first hill!! Damn she makes me hurt.

All in all I really don’t know who won the argument. I think we are both right. If I used her more, it would not be so hard. So for now, I guess I will have to leave it at a love hate relationship. Maybe some more time it will be come more of a pleasurable one. Over all it was a great ride first snow ride of the season and the first night ride of the year. Only 25 degrees, but sure was fun for all the pain.

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