Tour of Cali

I have been trying to watch all of the coverage on Versus on the current race. I am still a stage behind, but good thing I have my DVR to save the next day’s race for me. I have been trying to not look at places that would tell me who has won or who is in the lead. I would rather see it for myself.

Now, I am not a big road racer. I have only had a road bike for the last few years. But, one thing I just can not understand is the fans. What kind of dumb asses are out there watching these races?? Get the hell out of the way!! If you really like bike racing, then why must you be the one who causes somebody to not do as well as they could? I know, the thought of being on TV is too strong for some, but I just can’t understand the running next to the riders or all that. I would not want to do that one stage in the le tour where the mob of people are on the road and just get out of the way in the nick of time.

Granted, I did like the dudes huge rack on his head!! That was something else. He also must be in good shape because he did put in one hell of a run, but if that rack would have caught one of the lead riders, I think I would have had to beat the crap out of him before I continue with my race.

I guess it is a good thing I am too dam fat and slow to ever have to worry about that! I prefer to stick to the races where the racers are the ones wearing the funky stuff!!

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