24 Solo

Well, I have finally seen the movie. I liked it. It was very interesting. There were lots of good riding shots and I feel it did a good job of trying to get the feel of actually being at the race. I was getting excited near the end with the possibilities of the catch even though I already knew who won the race.

I can not believe how much pain some people put there body in and don’t stop. I have always wanted to do a 12 or 24 hour race to see how many laps I can do, but it would not even come close to what these guys do. I always pictured taking some breaks and stuff.

Still, not too bad of a way to make a living. I guess every job has its bad days, but a bad day riding is better then a good day working!!

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One Response to 24 Solo

  1. nickleonard says:

    ha ha the best part is where the camera man says they got me because they thaught i could keep up because of my triathalon background. they where wrong. then it starts to show all his crashes when he gets tired. at then end it shows how much craig won and how much the hospital bill was. hopefully australia has some insurance plans that covered that, or norba footed the bill so he got something out of it. that would be painful

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