New training plan

I think I have stumbled upon a quick any effective training plan that anyone can do! All you do is spend an evening puking 80% of your guts up and then craping another 10% of them out. So you actually end up with a net loss of 90% of your guts. Imagine how much weight you can loose like this!

To add to this you alternate between shivering and cold sweats all night so your muscles contract and eventually start cramping. Now not only did you loose some precious weight that will help conker the toughest hills, you have completed a good work out for all of your muscles.

The only down fall I have found to this plan is it does require a rest day or two before you can recover enough to get back on the bike. But, how can one complain after such a good work out.

So, I hope everyone goes out had tries this great new plan tonight! It is a blast!

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One Response to New training plan

  1. David says:

    I was on this plan about 2 weeks ago. You get rid of any calories in your gut, burn lots of calories, and don’t want to take any more calories in. What more could you ask for?

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