more changes in weather

This weather is really starting to suck. Why can’t it just make up its mind. Last week the Wed. night right was bailed on because of the temperatures, it was 31 and dropping when it was time to head to the trail. This week it has been doing nothing but raining all week and it is too warm to snow, so the trail is mush. No ride tonight either.

This has left me with my rollers for the only company I could find. The only problem with that is I have not been on them near enough to really make a difference. I have a lot of catching up to do to get back to where I once was.

I started working on my other bike. I can’t wait to get it riding. I am putting together a ’97 Proflex 857. This will be my main geared mtb to ride. It will have a green Palmer fork on it and some hi-tech 8 speed grip shifters if I can get them to work. This thing should be a racing machine! The frame is light since it has the carbon rear end. I had always loved how it climbed too. I am just getting tired of new technology. My NRS has too much stuff that goes wrong with it. I am still riding on a rear shock that has washers for spacers. I also don’t like how much the fork moves. I kind of like the old school boingy boingy forks.

I will post pictures as soon as I get something together.

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