Stranger in the Night

Hold on to your seat, I actually rode my bike yesterday!! Can you believe it? I even road off road in the dark! I think the last time I charged my lights was for the possibility of a night ride in Colorado, but that did not happen. So, I got an email on Tuesday about a night ride on Wednesday, so I clear the calendar and charged the lights. I knew I needed to do this ride no matter what.

Well, it was of to a slow start. It started raining just after I got home from work and started getting my stuff out side and ready to be picked up. At that point I didn’t know if everyone else would ride or not, but I was ready no matter what even if I had to go by myself. A few minutes later my ride, Kurt, showed up and we were off. It was good to have him drive since he showed me a new way to get to the trail. I think it is a little shorter then the way that I take and plan on using it from now on.

Every one got there lights hooked up and off we went. The rain had stopped too. We made it to the top of the hill and realized that we were supposed to wait until 6 before leaving to see if the 4th guy made it. So, one went back down the hill to check, but no one showed up. So, by the time he made it back up the hill it was time to turn the lights on as we continued on the ride.

The bike sure felt weird. It felt like I was riding some big hit bike with the ass all squatted down and the suspension all squishy. I could not believe the amount of movement that my bike had. I was back on the NRS since I knew how the guys would be riding and I am not in any shape. I was holding my own except for falling a little behind on the hills. I was really having a hard time climbing. The front end was light and I could not move forward enough to help. So, half way threw the ride I stopped and made some adjustments to the seat and post. What a difference it made. I was no longer sitting on the back tire, I was actually up on top of the bike. From there on out it was a much more pleasant ride. Even with the rain trying to start in places.

Overall I could not ask for a better ride. The way it looks this just might be the answer I was looking for. The guys wanted to try and make this a regular weekly ride as long as it is above 35 degree. So, we will see it we can keep it up. I sure need someone to ride with to help pull me up off of the couch. Now I am itching even more to get the Proflex back up and running. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of the suspension on the NRS, it moves much more then I like. Give me some good old school 80mm fork and I am good to go.

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