on the road again

I was almost as lazy as last weekend and didn’t get out. I had a lot of things going on so my schedule was not as open as I needed. Well, my wife of all people kind of talked me in to going out Sunday morning. Since time as limited, I hopped on the road bike for a nice and easy ride.

It was a beautiful day. I completely over estimated the weather and was stripping layers with in the first 5 miles. It did not take long before I had all of my stuff off because it was supposed to be a little chilly. I didn’t get all of my ride info because someone was not awake yet and didn’t hit the red button to start my recording…… But, I did get 25 miles in.

I also noticed why I keep having bad rides at Ferdinand. I kept an eye out on my heart rate and it was way lower then what I would have thought I could ride. I am sure on my SS I am getting my heart rate up to high and out of my comfort zone. As I was riding I could tell that when I was 130-145 bpm I felt great, but when I would get above that I would start to struggle. I figured I would have been able to ride 160-170 with out too much problem, but I guess I had too much couch time the last month or so. Looks like I really need to start doing some intervals to build my strength in the upper zones.

My last post I didn’t think I would ever get a 700. Well friday night the boy had to pre-bowl for his league, so I decided to roll a few games of practice. I started out with a good game of 234. My second game I thought I might have a chance at a 300 after rolling the first 8 strikes, but left a ringing ten pin for the 9th. I did finish up with a 276 for my highest game ever. My third game I figured would fall apart as normal, but things didn’t go too bad and I rolled a 237 to finish with a 747 series. Too bad it does not count for anything! Maybe I will get an official one this week.

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