Will I ever make 700

First off I should start by saying I was a wimp last weekend and didn’t even get in my one ride a week. I felt like a truck hit me when I was supposed to get up so I just stayed in bed. So, my motivation of keep riding once I am on the trail seems to only be getting worse!!

I have been trying to recruit someone to ride with. I know it is much easier to keep going if I am not by myself. I guess we will see how that goes.

Back to the title. Last night should have been a monumental moment for me. But, it did not work out. I won’t say that I actually choked, but it is very close to that. I have always wanted to bowl a 700 series, that is averaging 234 for 3 games. Last night was as close as I’ve been. I started out stringing the first 7 strikes in a row for the first game and ended up with a 250. The second game started out with a 10 pin, so the thought of a 300 was not there. I put a good run of strikes together for that game too and finished with a 247. The third game was the bad one. I started out with the first 2 strikes and tried not to think about the 700 and get all mental.
I think I did a good job with just bowling, but the pins were not cooperating. I was putting the ball in the pocket, but the strikes were just not falling. I did cover all of my spares except one 10 pin. I finished the game with a 190 and that gave me a 687 series. One more strike would have make the difference.

The good thing on the evening is I seem to be bowling better then the last two weeks and I have raised my average back up to a 200. Now we will see if I can keep it up for the season.

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