Is there an end??

I got out for another ride this weekend. I guess it was my 1 a week ride but I did get 10 miles in. I know that only riding once a week does not help my problem, but I still can not believe that I am riding as bad as I am. I have had some good miles this year. I don’t expect to be king kong or anything, but I can’t believe it feels like my first ride of the year every week! I am so disappointed that the next time I go out I plan on taking the geared bike. I know I can ride better with that, I just hate all of the extra stuff that comes with the gears.

Work and everything else just has me not wanting to do anything. Normally riding is the cure, but now it is just as bad as the other stuff. That is scary! That bad thing about all of this is it is almost winter! That will put a bigger damper on my riding. With the weight going up and the riding going down, that is not a good mix!

Well, I was planning on hitting up the Race to the Canal race in a few weeks, but after this weeks ride I have scratched that off of the list. Just another event/race that I backed out on to add to the list.

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2 Responses to Is there an end??

  1. ExtrmTao says:

    FUGGIT, go to the race. I wanted to schedule a visit with my pops so I could race on the trails that I so love to ride when I am vacationing.

    If nothing else, go for the motivation factor.


  2. keith says:

    Go ahead and do the race. You haven’t been training much, so the pressure is off to do good. Just go and have fun that’s why you started riding in the first place. Right.

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