Still rolling slow

I got out for a ride this weekend. I took the 1×1 back to Ferdinand to see if I could ride any better then I did the last time out there. Well, unfortunately I did not. My legs are still feeling dead. I didn’t do to bad climbing, but the gradual inclines were killing me. I was really starting to feel concerned about riding the singlespeed. It has always been so fun to ride, but these rides are not fun. I know, you say but you have not rode it all summer…..blah blah blah, but I should still be stronger then I am! I do understand that I have not been riding as many miles as I should be.

The problem is I want to head back to the car after 3 miles! That is just crazy. This ride I actually skipped a section of the loop to ride some of the easier sections. I messed around on them and similar stuff for a while to get some distance in. I ended up with 10 miles and very disappointed.

The one good thing about the ride was that I think I had a revaluation about my struggles. I was paying a lot of attention to when I had issues and it seems to me that maybe I should put my old cranks back on and see if that helps. I am currently running 180 mm crank arms. I didn’t have any trouble with them last year, but I spent more time on that bike. This year I have spend much more time on my road bike and that has 170 mm crank arms. Taking in to consideration that I am not that tall, I think if I put my old 175 mm cranks back on the 1×1 it would help with my troubles of turning over the pedals. Not sure, but it seemed to make sense to me while I was riding. I sure hope it makes a difference because gears are starting to look good again!! I would hate to go down that road again.

After putting in such a bad ride in the morning I had to soak in my sorrows that night. We went to a nice birthday party with a camp fire and guitar for entertainment. I know I drank my share of beer to cover a weeks worth of drinking. But, I forgot all about my bad ride!! Not sure why I had a head ache the next morning….

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