Time keeps on tickin, tickin….

I have not rode all week and I sure can tell it. I just don’t feel myself. Those 6 miles last weekend does not count either. I don’t like rollers or trainers, but I really need to make it a point to use mine at least twice a week. I guess I could start running again at lunch. That would be better then nothing. I want to try and work in a ride early Saturday morning or I just might not get a ride in. I don’t want to try and make it up for a ride Sunday since I am going to a b-day party Saturday night and have a strange feeling I might drink too much. Go figure….

Bowling went well this week. I actually raised my average up one pin. I rolled a 192, 234 and a 205 for a 631 series. This brings me up to a 206 average for the year. Not too bad, but I just hope that I can hold it. I have been asked to sub next week at Washington, so I will get a good idea of how well I am rolling since I will be at a different house.

Too many projects, not enough time!! Will that ever change?? Some how I don’t think so.

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