I don’t understand why I am having so much trouble completing what I want to do. My goal for the year was to ride a lot more and loose some weight. I guess I have done both to a point, but not to where I am happy about it.

Let’s start with my weight, at one point I as 13 lbs down from last December. Right now I am closer to 6 lbs down. I know there are things that contribute to the change, but I have been having some trouble to get the trend to start dropping. I had a few weeks of being out of town for the weekend or whole week and I did not get to ride or eat well. I knew it would not help, but I never thought after a month later I am still not dropping anything I put back on. I break down every now and then with my eating, but I don’t think I am that far from what I was doing when I was loosing weight.

My riding total is up from earlier this year. Although it is a little different types of riding, more road then mtb. I am already over 800 miles for the year and that is a lot more then last year, so I am up, but I don’t feel like I am riding often enough to keep me happy. Things are always going on and I never seem to have time. I really need to be better about making some time and either do night rides or hit the rollers in the morning, lunch or before bed.

I am at a loss on what I need to do to increase my motivation to be more dedicated on my goals. The year is not over, but I am running out of time. I have even loftier goals for next year, but how I finish this year will make a huge difference how my ability to accomplish next years goal.

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