No more BMX

I just finished packing up my cruiser frame to ship out tomorrow. That leaves me with my cruiser wheels if anyone is interested. I hated to sell it since it was my second favorite bmx bike, but I just can’t see letting it sit there and not be used. I did not want to race it anymore and selling it would be the easiest way for me to not get the urge to race again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved racing bmx. I just can not justify the cost for the return on my investment. I was never racing to make any money, but it is not like I would have ever made it to where I could. Even if I race the expert class and finish in first place, you only get something like $11 nbl bucks. Not even cash!! I can get a cash payout if I raced my mtb. It takes just as much dedication to training to be at the level to compete.

The other big cost issue is, for a National race you drop down $90 to race both days. That does not include the long drive and a place to stay. If there were not enough riders who showed up, I might get as few as 4 laps on the track for that $90. That is what I don’t see as a good return on my investment. Heck, if I would get in to this endurance racing it would cost me the same price to race a 100 mile race and be on the bike for 8-10 hours!!

The thing I miss most about racing is the people. Such great people at every race. I have so many friends that I would only see racing bmx. For that I really hate not racing. I also miss riding a smooth section or busting a sweet jump, but I do not miss eating dirt! Two broken collar bones in 9 months will make you a little cautious about that new section!! For now I will keep off the kids bikes.

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