Called in to sub

I was called in off of the bench last night to sub for the Monday night bowling team that I used to bowl as a regular for my first several seasons. I was feeling optimistic after my performance last Tuesday, but I was also feeling a little weak after all the climbs my legs took me up on Sunday morning. I am a little concerned about how well my legs will do for my normal Tuesday night league, but actually I figured it would be alright since I could stand to no do as well last week. See, I get a new averaged established after the first 3 weeks, so after last weeks 650, that starts me off with a 217 average. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to carry a 217 average, but my past has shown me that my scores go down as the year goes on. So, I would rather start off a little low and work it up all year.

As the night started I was rolling a good ball it just was not carrying. I left 10 pins the first few frames and then I left a 8 pin. I struggled to get it back together by the end of the game. I didn’t end up near where I would like even for a bad game, but I have to take what I get. The second and third game was much better. I didn’t carry all the strikes, but at least I was picking up most of my spares. I ended the night rolling 137, 204, and a 214 for a 555. I hope that 137 is by far my lowest game for the season. I guess we will see tonight how well it rolls.

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