Tour de London

Well, I have decided to try my first road race. It is the Tour de London. I am going to kick back and try out the citizen class to see what is going on. Not sure how ready I will be since it is a 40 mile race with a good amount of hills, but it should be fun either way. I have had an interest in trying road racing and this looked to be about the best chance I could find.

All of my mountain bike races/events that I wanted to do this year have had some conflicts, so I am making time to actually do something. I am not sure if I will do future road races, but it seems like something I could do alright in the lower classes.

I have told myself several times over the years to not do any more mtb races. Well, that bug is trying to bite again, but it has not taken full effect for most of the same reasons I keep telling myself not to race, but there are some new things that are starting to take interest. I tried to do a 13 hour race last year, but they stopped the race early. I have also been checking out these 100 mile races. I am sure I am not even close to guys like Team Dicky, but it would be nice. I think I am even more mental for the fact that racing it on my singlespeed sounds interesting. I guess I will have to wait and see what I end up doing. All I know is I better start riding if I plan on doing anything but getting fat!!

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