Bowling again

It is hard to believe, but bowling started last night. I am glad because I enjoy bowling, but that is really a bad sign for summer. I better cram in all the riding I can before winter gets here. I am sure that will be soon enough since it seems like we should be closer to spring.

We went out to eat after work since it was my son’s birthday. Well, I think they lost our order because we sat there for a long time. I kept watching the time because I was on a limited time schedule before I had to be at the lanes. Well, the food finally showed up and I stuffed my face as fast as I could and out the door I went.

I was running late so I didn’t get a lot of practice and I figured I would have a real bad night. Well, I was not that worried about it because your average gets re-established after the first 3 weeks. I would rather start on the low side and work it up instead of starting hight and not being able to keep it there. I am not sure what happened between practice and the first game, but when the game started it was rolling good. I have the first 5 strikes and left a 10 pin in the 6th frame. From there it went down hill some, but I managed to hold on for a 212. Not bad for the first game of the year. The second game didn’t go as well in the start, but I was making all of my spares. I put a good string of strikes together in the second part of the game and finished strong with a 226. The third game started just like the fist with strikes the first 5 frames and a 10 pin in the 6th, but this time I didn’t pick it up. I got back on for a few more strikes, but that is about all. I finished a little on the weak side and ended up with another 212. That gave me a 650 for the night and a 216 average. So much for starting on the slow side!! I guess I have two more weeks to bring it down to normal. If not, then I guess I will just have to bowl that good all year!! Yea right! Only time will tell.

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