Granny’s 9 town tour

Well, I went out on a ride today with the JCC for a 9 town tour that has a few good hills mixed in to keep it interesting. There were 6 of us who started the ride at 5:45. The weather was good compared to what the normal temps have been. We started out a little faster then the ride was planned. We were averaging 18-19 mph. I was not complaining, but I knew it would be a long day and not sure if I am ready to hold that for the whole trip. Well after a few miles it slowed down and settled in at a nice pace. As we got closer to our first stop in Holland, there were 4 of us that pulled ahead some and hammered a long road section.

After some snacks and regrouping, we headed off toward Zoar where we picked up a 7th rider. We continued on threw Velpen and on to Otwell for our next stop. After a short break there was a small problem shortly after we started. The road had been getting some work done and there were some large rocks in the work areas that covered the whole width of the road. We eased our way with out a problem and headed toward Ireland and back toward home.

We ended up putting in 55 miles in 3 hours and 25 min. of ride time. That put it right over 16 mph average. We also did 1680 foot of elevation gain, I think. My computer is not set up exactly right yet, so I have been getting some incorrect elevation readings, but the total gain and ascent should be correct.

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