Dino series kick off

Well, last weekend was the first race of the Dino series. It was also my first race on my singlespeed. There were no complaints about the weather. It was supposed to be raining all weekend after raining all week. Fortunately for the racers there was no rain for the race. We were also thankful that there was no mud either. It was hard to believe, but no mud!!
I did not do as well as I would have liked to do or thought I would do. I finished 22 overall and 13 for my age group. Not too bad when I look at how many people that were in my class. I hate to admit, but I feel like I could have finished better on the geared bike. It was not that I can’t ride the SS there, but the fact that I was not in as good of shape that I thought I was. The gears would have just helped me limp through some stuff better.

So, my goal before the next race is to do some harder training to see if I can ride better at the next race. I guess we will see in 3 weeks!! When we get closer I guess I will decide what bike I feel like taking.

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