Rain, rain go away!!

Well once agian I am a little slow on posting on here. I just need to make it a habit to update something.

I bowled again last weekend in the Tri-state tour. Well, I guess I participated because I sure didn’t bowl!! I thought I would do fairly well since I am used to the lanes that we bowled on, but they did not react the same after the first two games. I really started to struggle the third and fourth game. It seems that once I get out of my comfort zone, it is really hard for me to find a groove. Oh well, I had a good time and didn’t have to travel too far to do it.

This weekend is the kick off of the Dino series. I will be attemting my first mtb race on my singlespeed. It should be interesting will all of the rain that we have been getting. Where is all that warm weather we had a week or so ago??

I am not too worried about the race. I am planning on just having some fun and not get all bent out of shape. I keep telling myself that it is just another ride. But, it will be interesting to see how well I do. I have decieded to start out in the beginner class. I know, it might be sand bagging a little bit, but untill I can see how I do against other racers, I figure it is a good place to start. If I do real well, then maybe I will move up to Sport for the next race.

I feel that my SS will really help me this weekend. The course is not too hilly and as long as I can keep some flow going, I should do well. With all of the rain and mud I will also not have a problem with my shifting!!

Well, I am out for now. I am headed north. I hope to let you know how I did on Monday, but it will probably be more like next weekend the way I have been going.

See ya!

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