more rain

Well, I can tell already that I will not like mowing this year……again! It seems like the grass is growing way too fast already. I tried to squeeze in some mowing last night before the rain. All I can say is I was wet when I finished mowing a small section of my yard.

With the weather being the way it was and I was actually home, I figured that I could work in the woods some. So, with the rain comming down and the lightning in the sky, I headed out to the woods to clear part of my bike path. I even started on a new section that I was wanting to do over the winter. Well guess what? I didn’t get it done. So, now I am out in the rain working on it. Since everything is growing so fast, the sticker bushes were growing too and my legs are scratched up.

Last night I also took the bb and cranks off of my bmx bike and they should be making it on the SS real soon. I hope before I can ride it the next time.

See ya next time

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