I choked again!!

Well the bowling didn’t go too bad last weekend, but I did not win any money. I was close on some side brakets, but it just didn’t work out. I did make the first cut to 32. But, I did not do so well in my roll off game. I started out good, but the ball started comming in to early and I started to struggle. The four games started out good. I rolled a 204, 236, 172, and 172. The last two games I had the same trouble at the roll off. The lanes were drying out and I didnt’ adjust enough, soon enough.

Those games are not too bad but not great. If you add in my handicap they look much better. That is why I made the cut.
With Hcap 238, 270, 206, 206 for a 920 4 game series. That averages out to 230 a game!!

I sure hope the rain holds off this week so I can get a night ride in.

Hope to get a big ride in Sat. too.


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