It’s me again

Well, it sure is hard to find time to update this thing. I keep thinking of things to put on here, but by the time I get to a computer it is too late.

So much going on that I am not sure where to begin and I am sure I will forget some things.

I had a great ride last weekend at Otter Creek. Perfect weather and the trails were in great shape. There were 4 of us that were riding together. I did see a pink P.U.S.S. getting ready to head out to the woods as I was leaving. It looked real nice!!

I picked up a set of HID lights. That should help with the night riding. Now if I can just keep the rain away. I also picked up a used pair of Magura rim brakes. Those should have enough stopping power.

I should be bowling in Henderson this weekend. It is the second round of the Tri-State tour. I guess I will see if I fair better than the last event. Speaking of bowling, I didn’t do too bad last night. It went like this 234, 208, 170 for a 612 series. I think I was getting a little tired for the last game and messed up my shot a few times. Oh well, a good night overall and a good note to take out this weekend.

Till next time. I will try a little harder to update a little more often.

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