what day is it?

I can’t believe how fast time flies. It just seems like I put something on here just the other day. Well, I have been back to Ferdinand a few times now for some sweet night riding. My new Surly also came in and has been put together. I took it out for it’s maiden trip last Friday. I had so much fun that I am going back again tonight! I can not belive how ummm…… fun that bike is going to be. All I can say is if I ride that thing at Ferdinand every week, I will be ready for my next trip to Pisgah.

I had a good night of bowling Monday after a few weeks of some real bad bowling. It didn’t start out too good with a 152. It got a little better the second game and ended up having a 194. I was content with my performance after that game. It was much better than what I have been doing. But by then I had a few beers and seemed to fall into a groove. I knew the third game was going good, but I did not really pay attention to what I was doing. It got down to the 10th frame and after the first strike I noticed that I had several strikes in a row. Not enough for a 300 but still good. I ended up striking out the 10th and finished with a 258 and that gave me a 604 series. I could not believe it. That is only the 3rd 600 I have had this season. Several 500’s, but the 600’s have eluded me when I got near. The thing that makes me mad is if I could have just bowled my average te first game, I would have closer to 650. Oh well, I can’t complain. Let’s just see if I can bowl next week.

Here is a pic of the new bike.

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