singing the blues

Well this weather is really starting to suck!! Everytime I can go for a ride, the weather does not work. When it is nice out side it seems I always have to do something else. Go figure!

Well, my birthday has came and gone. I was hoping to get some money to pay for the 1×1, but that has not came about yet. I hope soon!! (not like I can ride it now anyway)

I am going to try and make a commitment to start to get in shape. I will want to make a trip to Pisgah soon and I will not be ready! Not that I am ever really ready for that place, but it would be nice to be a little prepared.

I actually didn’t bowl too bad last night. I ended up with a 565 series, but I had some major improvements from last week. I get to practice some more this Thursday, since I have to sub again.

Well, I guess it is time to go already. I have to get home and get to my other job soon.


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