trouble with time already!

Here we just started a new year and it seems like I keep spreading myself too thin. If it is not work or bowling, I do not spend much time at home. I sure hope this changes soon. I should be working out more to keep in shape, not get fat and lazy.

I have the first stop of the Tri-State bowling tour this weekend. So, I hope I can roll a few good frames and make me some money or at least do well in the side brackets.

With all of the rain that we have had, it has been a little wet to ride much. Hell, most of the roads around here are closed because they are flooded. Time to put on a road gear and take the ss in town for some urban assult. Speaking of SS, it looks like I might have enough money set aside to purchase a used Surly 1×1 that I have had my eye on. It seems to be almost like brand new too!

I really need to get me some SS legs going before the Dino series starts. I would hate to show up with a SS and not be able to finish the race. I would get laughed at for sure.

I should have me wheels for my new BMX bike soon. Not sure when I will be able to ride that thing either. I should be racing it on the 15th, but I can’t get off of work. I think I will can my second job next year. But, it is good for making some extra cash for things I want.

Just so you get an idea about being busy, I stopped by the pub last night on the way home and stayed too long. Then tonight I have a work christmas party, tomorrow a birthday party after work and then the bowling tournament on Sunday!

Oh yea, I almost forgot. I have been clearing off the schedule for the end of the month. It looks like my buddy at Indy Cycle Specialist is moving to a bigger shop. So, I guess I will make the trip to Indy to help him out with his move. Should be a good fun weekend of work.

Check him out at

Till the next time!


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