Where does the time go?

Man it has been a while since I put anything on here. That does not mean that nothing has been going on. Quite the opposite. I have been way too busy to keep up. Seems like I am only home one night a week.

I got my new bmx cruiser in and have been building it. I am now just waiting on some wheels that should be comming. The SS rig has it’s new chain rings and chain on, just waiting for me to take it out. I would like to go for a nice ride, but with all of the rain and hunting season, I have not had the chance.

There is another bowing tournament this weekend. I am hoping that I can do well and maybe even win some money.

Christmas will be here before I know it. That means the new year is just around the corner. I will try not to each to much for the holiday’s, but it will be hard. I really should be training hard to get in shape for the next season of what ever racing I end up doing. The plate is full and there is another scoop getting ready to be put on.

This summer:

Race BMX

Race MTB XC on SS

do some 12 or 24 hour races

do more epic rides at Pisgah

compete in a few bowing tournaments

finish trails in yard

paint house

paint a few rooms inside

new floor in dining room and kitchen

build storage building

work on lake cabin ( too much stuff to even make a list)

and in the free time I guess I will try to enjoy myself. LOL! It should be 2006 before I know it!

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