Still gone

Well, I am really going to be in the dog house now. I had to sub again last night. So, that means that I have not been home for 11 day’s. I think my kids are forgetting who I am!

Well, like I said, I had to sub again. I did fairly well. I was trying 0ut a different ball. It was someone elses so the figer tips were not right, but worked. I ended up with a 583 series or a 194 ave. I rolled a 192, 174 and a 217.

My savings pile is starting to build up. Well, not much, but it doesn’t take much for me to start shopping. I am ready to buy anything. I have been looking for a used 1×1 to save some money from getting a new one. I gues we will see what I can find.

The Cardinals blew it last night. Oh well, at least they mad it. The Cubs choked long ago.

See ya

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