That is what keeps going through my mind when I think about last weekend. What a ride in the mountains. Pisgah National Forest is awesome! I rode about 15 miles each day. It took close to 5 hours to do each ride. We climbed over 4000′ on Sunday. It is worth the trip. I would take a full suspended geard bike for that trip. I hate that I just said that, but it is the truth.

That was the closest I have ever been to wanting a big hit bike. It would only be for the down hills, pushing that thing up hill would suck!

Other than being a long weekend and getting home real late Sunday, it was well worth it.

Last night I had to work late. I was late for bowling and then had to come back to work to finish printing something. Another night getting to bed late and I have to work till close tonight.

I ended up bowling a 580 series. Not too bad for the troubles I was was having. I rolled a 193, 205, 182

I have been told that my bmx cruiser should be in next week. Then I will have another bike I need to build. That gives me a few weeks before the Thanksgiving National to see if I can ride a cruiser.

Well to much going on. Enjoy this great day! yea, right!

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