More drinks on a Friday night

I know it is hard to imagine, but I have a few more drinks friday night. I went out to the night for Knights for a good meal and probably a few drinks. Well, needless to say after a few beers I found out that all the drinks were only $1. So, I switched over to some capt. Morgan and Coke.

They were flowing way too good and it made it hard to get up for work Saturday morning.

I worked on the bike after work so I could get out some. Well, I made it out, but the bike was not cooperating with me. The Singulator is not working and will not keep tension on the chain. I could not stand up and really climb. So, I just hit the trails that I could do and tried to enjoy myself.

Next weekend is the big MTB Fest that I think I will be going to. Three day’s of riding with a little trail work thrown in too. Should be a good time.

I really need some more money to get me a new SS bike!


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